A Multi Dimensional

Equine Facility


First Class Family Boarding

Knowledgeable, Easy to Work With Trainer Experienced in Many Different Disciplines and Breeds


Lessons for both Children and Adults in Hunter, Jumping, Dressage, Trail, Western Events & Many Different Gaited Breeds

Safe, Sane, Well Trained Horses for Sale or Lease

A Certified Equine Chiropractioner and Rehab Specialist on Staff

Fun Camps and Informative Clinics

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The Glover name means knowledgeable quality in Care, Instruction and Sales.

  Because we believe -  "Quality Never Costs, As  Much As It Saves!"




20014 Twin Oaks Road * Spring Hill, FL 34610
































 The Open All Breed Horse Show

held at Glover's Stables and Equestrian Center Wishes to thank all that have supported our shows. But we have decided to no longer hold them as a result of lack of participation.

WE The Glovers really do appreciate all of those that have come out to watch and show at our place.

Please don't be strangers, stop by and visit or come for lessons or training if you have the need. We love seeing you all.



































Glover's is a family owned and operated farm that has been around and is highly recommended for our training that works for all walks of life: Show, trail, fun, obstacles, field trials. We have extensive experience in training and teaching others how to understand horses and their gaits and talents. Many in the State of Florida have benefited from our help with either training for them, lessons or selling them the perfect horse. Let our family welcome you to the incredible world of horses. We love them and promote that love to all others.

You don't have to be born into the family, just love horses as much as we do.

 We have a number of horses we have hand picked over the years and we put a lot of time and training into them for our use, show, trail, lessons, fun.....you name it, we have tried a lot with each of them. So look and see if any of them will be something that you have wanted and noticed we have priced them to sell.


Have you found your new horse yet?

Well consider one of these great rides!





Check out our youtube station - we have a lot of the horses for sale on video there and examples of lessons - Horsewmn1

Check back for the next clinic, or call me to have lessons teaching the best way to get your horse to work at your best together. Plus we start lots of new riders. 

Deb Glover 352-279-9054

One of our new generation of riders started at our barn


For our lessons, we have many disciplines and arenas to work. Dressage, Jumping, Hunter, Western, Trail course and trail riding, along with our beloved Gaited Breed riding.

Grass Hunter Jumper Arena - Just steps from Main Arena

Main Arena Set up with Full Dressage Arena inside - Room to go around and enter at A




Wow! What an incredible group of girls we had this year. 3 who had experience and progressed and 5 beginners who worked hard and became riders. They all worked hard and even with the few times of rain they rode twice a day except for the big trail ride day. I am very proud of all of them and of course I give big thanks to my helpers - Lexi, Carly, Emily, Laura and Steve.. You were great and everyone loved your help and sunny attitude.







We had a great time Hosting the Boy Scouts And Adventurers for them to Acheive Their Merit Badges for Horsemanship. June 17th thru July 9th we helped a great bunch of youths achieve their goals and have fun at the same time. And A BIGGGGG THANK YOU TO ALL MY VOLUNTEERS - Marissa, Lexi, Allie, Kelsey, Carley, Steve and Laura. Your great helped make this possible for some great youths achieve goals. Thank You Sand Hill for asking us to help out.


Here are the Experiences We Have Explored With Our Horses For Sale

("CLICK" on a Pic to go to that Horse)





Can your horse do this??? 

  or this???     





Call Deborah Glover and she can show you

how easy it really can be.





We have experience, training and shown in many disciplines and breeds.

Get in now with your training and lessons to be ready to impress the judges in the ring

or just yourself on the trail!

Dressage, Trail, Gaited and Jumping will be the many different focuses for this year

Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a horse and rider truly enjoy all that is out there for them as a team. Seeing the confidence we help instill in each horse owner and rider come out with each challenge that they meet is a thrill.

We enjoy seeing people come out and let all the stress go from the day to day world.

Yes it is work, but it is so personally rewarding with each and every step. As each team reaches another goal or overcomes a hurdle the smiles just seem to appear. As trainers and instructors and sometimes counselors we have the privilege to see each and every step & each and every smile.

We have bred, raised and trained many of our horses that we are offering for sale. Yes, we have bought others, but we have put our knowledgeable time, giving that personal touch and confidence that we try to instill in all of our horses. Personality, manners, workable training, exposure to as many things as we can to get each horse ready for a new owner.

Come out and meet us and our horses. But be ready, we are pretty passionate about our horses and what we do.












If you see something you like or you would like to see something we don't have, e-mail us and leave your comments. Thank you for stopping by.



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